About Us

We're Not Your Typical Resale Store

At Re*Imagine you can...

SHOP our eclectic menagerie of local and sustainable home, food, and bath & body products
CREATE up-cycled art, jewelry, gifts and more in our Imagination Station
CONSIGN your unique vintage and re-purposed local art, small furniture, and decor 

Pinterest It Before You Pitch It!

One of the reasons we established Re*Imagine, is our mission to educate through creativity. We want you to re-think your trash, and learn how it can be turned into treasures, instead. This creative process happens in our Upcycled Creation Station with a plethora of trinkets and craft items to create with. Our stock is always shifting, as our community is continually giving us what would otherwise be thrown away, and what they know we can use to lighten the landfill load. See our calendar for a listing of upcoming trash-to-treasure classes, and consider letting us host your girls night, birthday party, small corporate meetings, or any other meeting, with our creative twist! 

We Keep it OUT of the Landfill!

Re-Purpose:  To reuse something for a different purpose from the one that was originally intended.

Re-Use: To use again (and again), especially in a different way, or after reclaiming or reprocessing to preserve scarce resources and limit packaging waste. 

Up-Cycling:  To process used goods, scrap, or waste material in order to produce something that is often better than the original, like up-cycling a stained tablecloth into curtains.