Donate Craft Supplies or Other Cool Junk

Craft & Sewing Supplies

From textiles and material scraps, to buttons, ribbon, scrap-booking odds n' ends, wine corks and bottle caps, to sewing supplies we take most and put it to use. It helps keep the cost of our classes down for others, while we are reusing supplies, and giving local artists the opportunity to up-cycle. 

Miscellaneous Cool Junk

We couldn't even begin to name everything here...but re-think that scratched up record or old cassette or anything that you think may be at the end of it's life and then bring it to us or look it up on Pinterest.  Odds are there is something that someone can do with it & we would help make that happen if you bring it to us!

Furniture, even broke or pieces

Windows, doors, chairs, scrap boards, metal frames, etc.  We do our best to either use them, re-purpose them, or at least find them a home of someone that will use them.  If you come to our store, you will see items such as old bed springs that were doomed for the landfill that we rescued to decorate with!

Wish List of Items we Take

YES, we DONATE back on any items that we get donated to us that are sellable.  People who donate can choose between NTAA (New Territory Arts Association) or to the Humane Society.

Wish List (docx)