Past Creative Classes

Work Team Building Craft Exercise

Want to have a little fun with your co-workers?  This was a timed craft exercise by various teams from a local employer.  The outcome exceeded the expectations, especially the amount of fun had!

Re-Purposed Vase from a Pringles Can

A creation designed by the kids when they were given the option on making a vase.  

Wine Cork Charms

We LOVE wine corks at Re*Imagine!  There is nothing we can't do with them.  Making a necklace or car charm out of them is one of our favorites!

Open Craft Time

Let your imagination go endlessly once you start digging in all the bins we have to choose from.

Kids Creations

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

Work Holiday Parties

Yes, we book private parties and can be tailored to what you want for your gathering.

Beer & Soda Caps!

They may still smell a little like beer, but they turn into the cutest flowers or magnets once we get ahold of them!

Birthday Parties

Yes, you can schedule a Birthday Party in our Imagination Station.  It is a whole new experience to unleash the creativity during a private event that you create to be your own.

Ladies Night Out - Theme Parties

This party was for a group of creative energetic ladies celebrating a Birthday AND a house-warming gift party.  Their theme chosen was creating with old records and the fun & laughter was plentiful!

Scrabble Board Wall Hanging

Who says a Scrabble game has to sit in a box on a shelf?!   From making a gift for your Mom, or a family memory, or treasuring a family trip, the Scrabble board wall hanging idea is a HIT!

Paper Wreaths

From a book to a wreath makes a unique and very cool wall accent to your home or a great gift.

Trophy Turned New Again

Take the old trophy that just sits in a box and turn it into a great kids project.  This one became a special Fathers Day gift.

Re-purposed Wind Chime

Take your old teapot or metal collander and turn it into the vintage wind chime that will accent your patio perfectly.

Cigar Box to Treasure Box

Cigar boxes make the best treasure boxes to decoupage.  Why not grab that special grandchild or daughter to have a mom & me class or a Grandma & me afternoon out to create special memories?

Old Picture Frame to New

The amount of knicked up picture frames that just aren't cute anymore that people ditch are endless.  We love these frames to paint and turn into an adorable photo frame again that has meaning!